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My Specialties

This is not an exhaustive list; merely what I am most experienced with, and what brings me the most delight and enjoyment. I am extremely open-minded, but there are also scenes I have limited experience with. If they are not listed below, it’s likely I do not feel the competence to provide the scene by myself yet and another experienced Pro Domme could be enlisted to join us.

Once booking and screening have been completed, I will arrange a brief phone call where we can discuss your interests and limits. Please do not inquire about specific options during initial contact.


Impact Play



Body Worship

Financial Domination

Watersports/Golden Showers



Chastity/Key Holding

My Limits

Safe, Sane and Consensual is the code I live by. If I do not feel competent providing a scene you desire, I will communicate this to you. Safety is paramount (both yours, and mine) and rest assured I do not take this lightly. I cannot provide a service that will cause acute physical harm, or push too you far mentally.

All scenes will require at least 24 hours notice. No substances can be involved or used beforehand that could impair the ability to consent.

Discretion is important, and anything that may require a more private space or specialized equipment may take longer than 24 hours to secure the space. I do not offer public play for a multitude of reasons (primarily involving non-consenting parties into the kink.)

This information is subject to updates and is by no means an exhaustive list.